Chinese Tractors Australia

Chinese Tractors Australia

Guide to Buying a Chinese Tractor in Australia

Thinking about buying a Chinese Tractor?

Well, before you do here is a quick, straight to the point guide on what you should look for and what to avoid.

A reliable tractor is going to be one of the most important pieces of equipment you will purchase. When buying a brand-new Chinese Tractor in Australia make sure you look into these tips we share below.

Don’t be Fooled By Large Warranties

The market is flooded with companies that offer huge warranties. Now: this looks great on paper, but make sure you check the reviews before you go ahead with the company selling the Chinese Tractor. A lot of the times the warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

First things first:

What will the Tractor Be Used For

You must workout exactly what tasks you will be using the Tractor for and what type of conditions it will be subjected to.

Do you really need a Tractor?

Chinese Tractors in Australia

If you are only working on a small property and will mainly be using the tractor to dig and move different objects, you may be better off looking into a Front End Loader.

If you’re wanting to tow steel or heavy objects you may be better off splashing out on a high-end high horsepower tractor.

How Often will you be using the Tractor?

If you’re looking for a tractor that will be used in fair conditions or used sporadically a Chinese made Tractor will be the way to go.

Spare Parts Backup?

Chinese Tractor Parts

Do your research on brands and dealers before purchasing a new chinese Tractor. Sure, you may be able to find a similar tractor for a cheaper price but some things you need to consider are;

  1. Are they going to be importing machines in the future to service your requirements and backup that machine or are they just in it for a quick buck?
  2. Can the company you’re considering buying your new machine from supply parts in a timely fashion?
  3. Do they have the knowledge and staff to assist you with technical info to keep your machine working?
  4. Can the person selling you a machine supply you with real references for people who own a similar machine in your area?
  5. Is the warranty on that machine realistic? Long warranties sound great on paper but when it comes time to honor it will they back you up?

At Victory, our mission is simple, we want to supply YOU with a quality machine at a great price and then back that machine up with service, support and parts supply usually associated with large brand names only without the cost.

We understand that there have been plenty of shonky operators in the past that are all too willing to promise the earth, take you hard earned money only to run off into the sunset leaving you stranded with a machine that does not work.

Our aim is to change all that, we are trying hard to change the perception of “Chinese” machinery in the Australian marketplace and to build a brand that both us and our customers can be proud of.

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If you would like to learn more or receive advice on which Tractor would fit your needs best shoot us through an email at sales@safeliftsolutions.com.au or call us on 03 9706 5266.

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