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Public Service Announcement

Please take the time to read this post!

Here at Victory we know people shop around a lot more nowadays so here are some things to consider about the differences between us and others in the industry, if you or someone you know is considering buying a piece of imported machinery from one of our competitors, we ask that you please take the time to read and share this post.

Has the company you’re looking at buying a machine from been around for a while? Do they have the runs on the board?

We have and do.
We have been operating for over 10 years, whilst it is true there were hiccups along the way with Victory machinery’s old operators in the last 6+ years since the current owner took over things have gone from strength to strength and will continue to do so.
We also support ALL models of Victory machines sold in Australia at any time in the past.

Are they going to be importing machines in the future to service your requirements and backup that machine or are they just in it for a quick buck? Some of these companies won't be around for long. Think about it, how will they be able to backup their warranty when they are no longer around? Just remember before the machine comes off Container Storage what warranty they will actually be giving you.

We are not going anywhere.
We stock and sell quality machines for a great price and are building a brand not just making a quick buck.
We buy only the best machines that have been specified to meet our standards and we have worked hard to supply a consistent spec machine.
Part of our philosophy is being able to supply parts and service into the future not just buying machines from everywhere dependent on price then not knowing what components are fitted to it like some of our competitors.

Can the person you’re considering buying your new machine from supply parts in a timely fashion?

We can.
Just in case you might need them we hold an extensive range of all kinds of spare parts to service your needs in our Dandenong south facility that can be despatched asap.
We stock all filters and service items as well as those not so often replaced items to keep your machine in tip top shape and working for you.

Do they have the knowledge and staff to assist you with technical info to keep your machine working?

We do.
Our dedicated Service & Parts staff are greatly experienced and can deal with any issue that may arise.
We want you to be confident that no matter what it is and where you are we can help you by either fixing it ourselves or working with a repairer you use and trust to fix your machine asap.

Can the person selling you a machine supply you with real references for people who own a similar machine in your area?

We can.
We have worked hard to cultivate a positive relationship with all our customers, we have sold machinery into all kinds of industries and our satisfied customers are more than happy to supply you an honest appraisal of both us and our machines.

Is the warranty on that machine realistic? Long warranties sound great on paper but when it comes time to honour it will they back you up?

Our warranty is real.
In the unlikely event of a warranty on one of our machines you can rest assured your backed up by an Australia wide full parts and labour warranty.
We want you to be safe in the knowledge that if there is an issue it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently in a professional manner.

At Victory, our mission is to supply you a quality machine at a great price, then back that machine up with after sales service and parts supply second to none.

We understand that there have been plenty of shonky operators in the past that are all too willing to promise the earth, take you hard earned money only to run off into the sunset.

Our aim is to change all that, we are trying hard to change the perception of “Chinese” machinery in the marketplace and build a brand that both us and our customers can be proud of.

We understand that buying a piece of machinery is no small investment, we implore you to do your homework, surf the web for information on the company your buying from, check if the reviews are from real people, ask for the references of real owners and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions before committing to buy.

So, if you or someone you know is considering buying a machine and the Salesperson talking to you cannot supply satisfactory answers to any of the above questions then don’t buy from them, come and see us here @ Victory equipment and let us welcome you to the family.

You WON’T be disappointed.

Thanks, from the Team @ Victory Equipment by Safelift Solutions.

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